#21daysofpositivity. @day009. THE HARD WAY.

When you start up on a challenge, the first six days don’t seem so challenging. One time I decided to start exercising. I had my focus on doing squats so that I could firm my thigh muscles. I had the mental picture of the figure I would get after my exercise had done it’s work and I couldn’t wait to start. The first three days were fired up. On the fourth day though, I could barely move my legs. I was suffering from pains all over my legs it was even impossible to walk.

I was so motivated to see myself through it all that I painfully kept at the exercise. The pain was just too much… Each squat was laced in numbing pain till I couldn’t take it anymore. My admiration for firm hips was quickly toppled over by my need to relieve my pain. I didn’t complete my exercise and my hips didn’t shape up.

Actually, it is a personal problem… Leaving things Midway and halfway. I start with so much zeal but when the tough gets going, I find myself reclining and forming excuses. Well, that is why I said, this is a journey for you and me. We are shaping each other, motivating each other and helping each other overcome our weaknesses.

At this point in my blog, I feel the tough getting on. My zeal is starting to die out but unlike the other days when I stopped and threw my hands up, I am keeping at it to the end. This is not just for me but for you all. I want you to see how dedicated I am to keeping this journey on and motivate you to walk it with me.

Nothing worth having in life is easy. Easy come, easy go. Anything you get easily also leaves you as easily. That is why we must train our brains to push past the pain. Average people settle for the average. They don’t like straining too much that is why they aim for the comfort zone. They don’t like to toil through utilizing their potential so they just do just what is enough to get them through the day.

Hard is the curtain that divides the Best from the just good. Life gives you bad and good… But how much you handle the hard will make you own the best or the worst. If you struggle to make it through the hard, you fall into a promised land of milk and honey. Though, if you live life avoiding the hard, you will live life always in want.

Dieting is hard, so people settle for eating anything and everything. Sooner or later, they get laid down over lifestyle diseases. Being yourself is hard, so people end up following the masses. Later, they end up direction less and confused, having done nothing with their life than wander around trying to fit in crowds. Entrepreneurship is hard… So you stick to a job that you hate and that exploits you. Earning meager salary while your energy is drained daily. Till you are old with nothing to show for all your years of toiling. Reading a book is hard, so you watch Netflix instead (not that it’s bad). Till it kills your creativity and your sense of reality. There is a prize to pay for avoiding the hard and most times, the prize can cost you your life.

Bite your lip, take a breathe and take that leap of faith… Then plunge into that task you think is too hard for you. Once you have gotten to the other side, the sense of accomplishment that will wash over you will have you looking at yourself with a new degree of respect. After these 21 days are over, I will look back at the journey we have traveled and plant a flag at the summit of our positive mountain. I will sing, in deep conviction that “No man is limited.” I will courageously tell all that will care to listen that if you push and don’t give up, you will surely make it!

We will take the hard way forward!

We will conquer our way to the top, one positive thought at a time.

Keep going

#21daysofpositivity. @day008. PUBLIC OPINION.

The strongest compelling force that drives human beings into action is public opinion. It doesn’t really matter how grown you are, everyone is prone to worrying over what people say. Here is the funny fact, you can never outgrow gossip. You could be the president of the whole country but people will still say things about you. You could be the most insignificant person in your village but you will never lack a group that discusses about you.

Well, public opinion could be either motivating or crippling, depending on how you decide to perceive it. It could even be lethal. We are not new to celebrities who have ended up depressed due to negative fan reactions to something they said or did. Many times, we have even seen our president come out to address some of the comments he receives on social media from his citizens.

In this journey, I would wish so much to tell you that since you are doing the right thing by taking this positive challenge, then nobody will hurl insults at you. I wish so much to coddle you with half truths that everyone will applaud your change and effort. Though, the first step into healing after accepting that you are hurting, is taking the bitter pill called truth.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Truth is a bitter pill but as my wise grandma always told me “The bitter herb is the healing herb”.

You will have to grow a thick skin in this journey. Just because you are doing a good thing doesn’t mean you will become everyone’s favorite. There will be enemies of your success and you have to come prepared to fight. Your past weaknesses of wanting to be accepted in every crowd will have to be shed at this stage. This journey is a personal journey with a crowd of both jeerers and cheerers. Though, never lose your head in the cheer and jeer until you forget why you are here in the first place.

Never get too fond of listening in on what goes on behind your back… It will hurt you. If they cheer you on, appreciate it and keep on but if they jeer at you, shut that noise out and keep on. No matter what happens, don’t look back! When you were starting this journey, it was just you and me. You were doing this for you… Not for anyone else.

When you become the best, everyone else will be a secondary beneficiary. You are who matters most and your opinion is what matters most. Everyone can say you are wise, talented, beautiful, stupid, dumb, unambitious… But the big question remains “What do you think of yourself?”.

Everyone can say anything they want about you but unless their opinion is approved in your brain to be taken personally, it will never affect you. Be cautious what you believe about yourself. Fly above the crowds… Get comfortable in your solitude and set aside time for yourself where you get to sit alone and reaffirm your positive affirmations. Each time someone’s negative opinion tries to topple you over, repeat all your affirmations out loud to yourself till you believe it.

Faith comes by hearing… Let yourself only hear what will grow you.

You are changing into a better person everyday. It doesn’t matter if nobody else is seeing it. You see it in yourself and that is all that matters. Keep the pace

#21daysofpositivity. @day007. MAINTAIN DISCIPLINE

I don’t know about you but when I began this journey, I was fired up! I have been fired up actually. I have been motivated and my positivity juice has been overflowing. I would wake up each morning with a positivity quote for the day. FYI: I don’t have the points jotted down somewhere. I just write on the topic that has presented itself on that particular day. Well, today… I almost didn’t.

Yesterday, when I wrote about Not being contended with situations we ain’t satisfied with, I got so hyped from the message such that I could barely sleep. I kept waking up to check my blog and reread the post. I shared it with most of my friends and in most of my social media platforms. It was my ‘This is it’ post ever since I started this journey. Well, naturally, an intensive high brings with it a depressive low. Today, I had nothing for the day…

I woke up feeling normal; not good, not bad. Just lukewarm. I spent my day quite ordinarily, going about my duties tactfully and praying that the hour comes when I’ll feel motivated enough to cheer my positivity crowd. It didn’t. Now, here we are… Staring at each other, with a title in bold Maintaining Discipline.

It is easy to be motivated when there is so much positive energy roaming around us. It is very easy to feel good about ourselves when everyone is applauding and appreciating us. It is easy to work towards your goals, to maintain relationships and even achieve those dreams when there is no obstacle on the way. Though, how many of us can stay motivated in the ‘I don’t feel like doing this thing’ kind of days? How many can induce a zeal to keep going and achieve their success when it just won’t come along. T

Today, we will talk about maintaining discipline. It is the art of doing what you ought to do despite your personal feelings. It is the ability to put aside your personal feelings for the sake of your duty. In our case, staying in this track is our duty. It doesn’t matter if you woke up feeling gibberish, that is your problem to sort. If your duty says that you ought to stay positive by following on the next subject then that is what you do.

Self discipline will take you where all sort of motivation can only dream of taking you. Self discipline is what sorts out those who make it and those who lame it. If you started out on dieting, keep at it despite the cravings. You get nowhere by following every whim of your body.

Your feelings can be like little spoilt brats if you let them. That is why we are advised to stay self conscious and disciplined. You could wake up wanting to do ABC. Your brain agrees that it is the best thing to do. Your heart too is set on the course but then out of the blues, your feelings start gambling. All of a sudden, you start craving for some fried chicken yet you know you are broke and are trying to save up for something important. All of a sudden, you start missing your ex, yet you were on a beautiful path to recovery after he/ she left you messed up. All of a sudden you feel like you don’t wanna go to the job that feeds you and pays for literary everything in your life. It is for you to choose, whether to make excuses for your feelings and follow them or discipline yourself and perform your task while staying on track despite them.

I didn’t feel like blogging today. I felt like prying into the lives of some friend(s) I’ve been really curious about on social media (no, I’m not stalking anyone). Though, I’m proud of myself because despite my feelings deciding to abandon me in this important quest for a balanced and positive life, I still stood tall and showed them who is boss.

If you can’t master your feelings then you are a slave to everything else.

Say today, “I will raise above the odds. I will keep walking even when my feet hurts. I will not give up or give in to my feelings. I will see this to the end”

Stay positive

#21daysofpositivity. @day006. ACCEPT DON’T CONTEND

In the short but eventful life I have been graced to have so far, I have really struggled with the meaning of these two words. Accept and be contended. Allow me to start from from somewhere close to the beginning.

I view myself as a pathfinder. What do I mean? Since I was a young girl, I found myself inclined in the things that most of my family and mates hadn’t done or simply didn’t find any joy in doing. This gave me a very rough time (and still does sometimes) because I couldn’t understand just why I couldn’t follow the clear paths that had been cut out for me. In school, I loved literature. Some of my classmates did too, but with me, the love was so deep it was almost personal. If I failed in a literature test, it felt like an insult to my own personality. Well, that and many more things about me made me a regular recipient of the question “Why don’t you accept life and be contended with it?”.

Well, here is the thing. I didn’t know why I was never contended with what life had given me. I had accepted it, yes. Though, the being contented part, well… Now there, we had a problem. It irked me, you see. Every time I saw girls my age doing all the stuff girls my age ought to have been doing while my heart was stuck on researching on things like The personality tree and How to manage traumas.

Where am I leading to with this story apart from the fact that I was a weirdo growing up? Hold on, today’s lesson is about me. One day, I got to understand why I was never contended with ‘my’ life even though I had accepted it.

First, I had not asked for the life I had. I had never knelt down and prayed, “Oh dear Father, take my parents away so that I can be raised by my relatives and give me a brain that will always want things that are beyond my age. Oh, also don’t forget to add a slim frame to the list so that I’ll always look malnourished no matter how much I eat. Thank you”. I don’t remember any such kind of prayer leaving my lips… Not once. Therefore, anyone asking me to be contended with those things while I knew I could change them was just absurd to me. Do you get what I’m saying?

I accepted that I couldn’t get my parents back, neither could I force my brain to be any more normal. I accepted and actually loved my body as it it, with it’s lean frame and all… But to be satisfied? No

I believe that we have the right and the chance to change anything and everything about our lives. If we can’t change it physically then we can change it mentally by how we view life. Though, for a person to force you to stay in a situation that you don’t want just to prove that you are content and grateful for life is just absurd.

Never let anyone make you feel guilty for wanting more. Refuse to apologise for wanting better and dreaming bigger. Stop saying sorry because of expecting more from your own life. Why should you always walk in eggshells when it comes to wanting to grow financially? People, especially those who once helped you to a certain point in life will tend to want to make you settle for their level. Few people ever want to help you so that you can raise above them. Any hand that held you up is just meant to be a stepping stone, not a cornerstone! Step on it and move to where you wanna be!

It isn’t a crime to buy a more expensive car than the uncle who sponsored your education. It is not a sin to build a bigger house than your family in law. Stand up and tell them, Yes, I know I found you here, but I wasn’t staying for long. I have places I gotta go! A tree’s height isn’t determined by the height of the person that watered it! Why should your success be limited to the ego of those who sponsored you?! Stand up and go to your destiny. When a hunter nurses an eagle with a broken wing, should it offend him when it’s wing is healed and it decides to soar the skies? Will he call it ungrateful? Will he say that the eagle bit the finger that fed it?

You are a bomb and just because you have been inert for too long doesn’t mean you won’t explode. You are a star, and just because you are down here on the dust doesn’t mean one day you will not soar the skies. You have to learn to be true to your nature no matter how many people it will offend. Never let people’s fragile egos limit your success. You don’t have to be contended with situations that you are not truly satisfied with. Misery loves company and when you deny it , it gets bitter. People will want to discourage you because they were too lazy to fight for their dreams or just don’t have any.

I want you to sit down with yourself today and write down everything about your life that was forced on you. The things you downplay about yourself because you don’t want to be labelled a show off or a weirdo like me. The talents you set aside because they told you that talents don’t pay or that you weren’t good enough. Those things that you only do at the privacy and secrecy of your bedroom or bathroom ( like singing in the shower) because you … Weuh, what will people say? How much of your life is actually yours? How much of the choices you make are actually your choices? How much of yourself is you?

Walk your life like you are a king/queen… Or like you don’t care who the heck is on the throne!


#21daysofpositivity. @day005. MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

Welcome to this day, my positive thinkers where we will learn how to Mind our own business. It is a simple skill yet few have mastered it. The topic on self is so large and diverse such that you could start minding your business today and never really exhaust all there is to mind by the time your time is up in the world.

The Bible says “Where a man’s heart is, so is his treasure”. Where you invest most of your thoughts, time and energy is where your heart is; and where the heart is, grows. The heart wants what it wants. Most times, we subconsciously invest our thoughts and energy on other people. We spend too much time thinking, ” What will they say? What will I do that will please them? Do they approve? Is this good to them? “. We mind too much about them business such that we forget to mind about ourselves.

The greatest duty we have in life is that of self discovery. It is through knowing ourselves and agreeing with ourselves that we find the peace to accommodate others. It is for this reason that we find the habit of always putting other people’s needs above our own, energy sapping and exhausting.

If a situation is uncomfortable for you, it doesn’t matter how many people are at ease with it… Leave or change it! You ain’t in the world to manage how others feel about things but how you feel about them. If you don’t do drugs, or are not free to casual sexual activities, don’t succumb into the activities because it is the 21rst century and such things are the ‘norm’.

Wake up everyday thinking of your own business. What will I do today? How will I make my life better? Where do I stand emotionally? Am I okay with myself? Find peace in being your number one supporter and fan.

Listen, in this journey, you will have to look yourself in the mirror and love yourself because this journey is meant to meet you! You will spend more time with yourself than you ever have. You are learning to think great things about yourself and to appreciate yourself.

Minding your own business is a full time job that requires diligence, openness and discipline. You are an interesting company to work with you should be excited to actually be working with you. This is a job that will open you to new opportunities of self growth and expound your knowledge on your powers as you explore your potential.

Declare today I am my biggest investment and I deserve it. I will work on myself and reward every step because I am the boss of my own business “

#21daysofpositivity. @day004. LEMME REINTRODUCE MYSELF.

In the three days journey that we have been sojourning together, we have tackled a lot. I would like to begin today by congratulating all of you and I included. A three day streak of positive thinking is bound to do a lot of changes already. By now, we can pinpoint small but major changes in our attitudes and our way of seeing life. Well, I believe in celebrating the little successes we make. As we said in day one, we aim to be the best, not perfect. You being here and making the effort is macho enough to make us applaud you.

On this fourth day of our 21 days journey into positivity, it is going to be dedicated to the most important person in this journey; you! Today, we ask the question, Who are you? Before you began on this journey, you might have been a mess or confused or just plain… The people in your circle might have known you as you were back then. Though, it is time to stand tall and reintroduce ourselves to the world. We are going to wear the gown that we want the world to see us in today. We are going to correct the misunderstandings.

It is hard, when you are trying to change into something better but the world around you is bound into calling you the name of your past sins. For those who read the bible, when Jesus Christ was choosing his disciples, the first thing was to change their names. Your identity is a very integral part of who you are as a person. How you see yourself, how you perceive your abilities and whatever name you answer to… These things either make or break you.

Reintroduce yourself to the world that was used to calling you a coward or lazy. Reintroduce yourself to the life that was used to seeing you weak and victimized. Reintroduce yourself to those friends that were used to referring you as a pushover and a doormat. Stand up and say your new name! Yes, call yourself confident, bold, determined, self driven, assertive, firm, smart… Call yourself by the name you want to be known as, not the name the world paints you as.

We are done being afraid, being hesitant, being pushed over, being victimized. We are angry at the years we spent believing others when they told us we couldn’t be this or that. We are mad at the years we spent believing their lies that we are too weak, too fat, too poor, too thin, too loud to be ladies/gents, too this or that!


We vehemently refuse to have our names and our identities painted by strangers. We passionately refuse to have our stories written by people who already wrote theirs. We don’t care what the statistics say about people like us. We don’t care how many people tried this and failed. We don’t care what our ancestors said about the generation we come from, what the cards say or what the stars read!

We will stand bold and challenge the odds…

Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Betty Kilonzo. The greatest writer and poet of all times. I go under the penname of Blackstartales. I am a champion, a conqueror and a winner of Pulitzer awards! I am an international motivational speaker. I am a brand, bigger than the world will ever be able to contain. I am a bundle of fireworks waiting to explode! I am Thunder, I am Star, I am Blackstartales!

Who are you?

#21daysofpositivity. @day003. GO GERRIT

Ariana Grande has a chorus in her song, Rings that says…

I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it (yeah). I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it
I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it
You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it
I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it (yeah

This is our positivity attitude on our third day. If you can see it and like it, then you can want it and get it… Yeah! There is also a quote that says, “if you can see it in another person then you have it in yourself”. Most times, the things we admire in others are just a reflection of our unexplored capabilities relating to their actions. If you find yourself admiring musicians, chances are that, given the same chances that those musicians got then you’d make a good one too.

I like to say We are all equal, just not the same. The lack of similarities comes with our difference in experiences, geographical locations, exposure,financial stability and so on. Without these dividing factors, we’d all be one person with none greater than the other.

Though, despite the difference in life, you have as much right as the other person next door to achieve your dreams and be the best you could ever be. Put a stop to those self defeating thoughts that you have piled up in your head that others have more right to occupy a certain position or have a certain thing than you. You can be everything you have always admired in others.

It might be that your peers are better off financially so they don’t worry as Much as you do when it comes to financing their dreams. It might be that they have a more supportive circle while you have to struggle your way up without the support you’d wish for. It might be they have a network of advisors and mentors while you are beginning from scratch, fumbling in the dark while learning from your numerous mistakes.

Though, here is the thing. You might struggle a little more, make a little more mistakes, cry a little even. At some point, you might even doubt your path and wish to give up altogether. They might and will pass you even, and it will hurt seeing people who didn’t struggle half as you did get credit before you. Though I wanna tell you, this fight isn’t for them or about them. It is your fight! The time that it will take to get there is the right time. It will never be late or early.

Go GERRIT! Go get that promotion you have been eying for so long. Go get that job you keep shying off from. Go for those opportunities that you let slip in the past. Go for that girl that you have been hesitant to talk for the fear of rejection. Go gerrit!

This life will never give you anything on a silver platter. Life is like a self service buffet table… If you keep sitting at the table waiting for food to come to then you’ll be waiting for a long time. Sometimes, you can be too modest for your own good.

The reason most people avoid being go getters is because they don’t know what they want. You can’t become a go getter when you don’t know what it is you are going to get. They opt to browse through life, touching this and that, being indecisive. Well, with that kind of attitude, life will just give you anything and everything. That is how you end up with a meaningless life. Just going through the motions of everyday…

Sit down with yourself today and make a clear list of the things you want for yourself and in yourself. Do you want to be more stable emotionally, financially or physically fit? List that down. Do you want a new sofa, car, or to move into a bigger house? List that down. Proclaim it to yourself that “I want a car and I will gerrit!” Or… “I want to be emotionally balanced and I will gerrit!”. When you proclaim such things, you get the strength and motivation to keep working towards them with the mind of a conqueror.

Ask and it shall be given. Knock it shall be opened. We are more than conquerors through Christ who strengthens us… You are the head not the tail… For I know the plans I have for you, plans of welfare. To give you a future and a hope…

These and many more bible verses are all the assurance you need of the power of proclamation. The world is ours to conquer, you just have to want it enough to gerrit!

#21daysofpositivity. @day 002. FEAR

I once saw a movie titled Forget Everything And Run (Fear). I never quite watched it but I had it on my list of to-watch movies. The title got me thinking about what fear does to a person. It makes you want to flee…

On this second day of being positive, we are going to tackle our fears since the are the ones that have had us tied in these bad habits in the first place. Don’t be fooled, everyone is afraid of something and it is normal. Though, when those fears begin controlling you, then there is a problem. We all have the hormone,dopamine. We all have this flight or fight sense inside us that works in accordance with our common sense to choose whichever action we feel is best suited for the situation.

We are not born fearful. Life and experiences are what makes us start developing these feelings of fear and even dread. First, I want you to understand that you have a right to be afraid. You have permission to think “What if this hurts me just like last time?”. Here is the thing, there is no guarantee that by taking up on this challenge to face your fears that it won’t hurt. Though, if you will trust yourself enough, I can assure you that at the other side of your fear stands a more confident and bold you, waiting to meet you.

This is how I view challenges that come along my way. I think of them as immunization vaccines. When you go through a certain ordeal, it loses it’s power to affect you with the same intensity as it did the first time. This doesn’t mean that in case it recurs you will not feel some amount of pain. What I mean is that it won’t pain as much as it did the first time.

Maybe when you started on this journey yesterday you were hopeful, but then today things got different. The voices in your head started singing the same old songs that have kept you from doing anything all this while.

What if you lose the friends you had made as you gain a new mindset. How will you survive the loneliness and the possible threat of a disintegrating social life? What if you start well then backslide like you have done all those years? What if you don’t even need this challenge? What if it tampers with your personality and you are no longer as cool as you used to be?

But then…

What if you don’t? Or even if you do…

What if you gain a whole new circle of like minded friends and create a more meaningful circle? What if you actually make it to the end and turn out powerful and strong? What if you become even cooler, more influential and actually admirable with a better vision of the future? What if this is it?

Fear is a glass curtain that projects the past and amplifies the grey areas. It is a negative illusion that does nothing but chain you with tricks and effects. Reach past those threatening thoughts… They can do nothing but scream. Reach past them until you are right inside them.

Beyond those thoughts, is a freer world.

That is the world we ought to be in today. We are done forgetting our strengths and running like heck! We will remind ourselves of our strengths and our might… We will remind ourselves of all the other fears we conquered. We will remind ourselves of the million times we thought we were done… Only to take one more step and to conquer one more kingdom.

You are more than meets the eye. Have a fearless day today.

#21days of positivity. @day001. BEST NOT PERFECT

The most crucial part of a journey like this is knowing the destination or else you will not know it even when you are finally there. In this one, we aim to be the best version of ourselves in a world that is forcing us to be perfect. We aim to be happy with every aspect of our being, without feeling guilty or less than for the things we do not have or have too much of.

Aim for perfection in yourself and you subject yourself to a life full of hypocrisy, fear and failure. Perfection stands in competition with others while best stands in splendor with itself. What is perfect demands to be compared to the rest in order to ascertain it’s perfection. That is why the measurements of what is perfect keep changing with time. Well, here, we aim at stability and confidence. We aim to be on a ground where we will stand together with everyone else in all our difference and uniqueness and love ourselves for being ourselves.

Proclaim “I don’t have to be perfect to be the best.”

All your flaws don’t need fixing. Some things about you were meant to be just the way they are in order to make you, you. You can’t carry on in life believing something aught to be wrong with you just because you are not like this or that. You were not made to be everything, just something. Just because you are a little shy about meeting new people or being in crowds doesn’t mean you have low self esteem or are claustrophobic. You don’t need to label all your flaws into disorders and mental illnesses.

I have had friends who are always asking “What is wrong with me? Why do I keep on messing up?”.

Why has it gotta be you who is the problem when something goes wrong? Why can’t things go wrong just because this is life and life is uncertain? When a relationship flops, why should it be your fault that it all went wrong? Why should you whoop yourself, carrying all the burden by yourself?

Unless we learn how to project the same kind of kindness we give others into ourselves, then we will lead a life of constant self defeat and unworthy sacrifice.

On this day, say to yourself, “I have the right to make mistakes and to correct those that I can. I have the right to be normal just like everyone else. I have the right to let life be what it will be and only focus on the things on my plate.” What is amazing is that, once you learn how to cut yourself some slack then you actually get a lot done in yourself and your life because you end up tackling life piece by piece.

On this day of Best not Perfect I wish us all a relaxed mind and a more carefree heart. You are more than you can imagine. Have a positive day

21 Days OF Positivity

It is a proven fact that it takes 21 days of repeated action to change it into a character. Well, I am too smart to argue with ‘proven facts’ but just to settle the hearts of the Thomases in the house, why not prove it ourselves?

I recently embarked on an amazing journey of positive thinking. This was after I listened to an audio book ‘The power of positive thinking’ by an author that I can’t recall or perhaps too lazy to even try. Out of respect though, I would like to state that it was a book so awesome that it pushed me to start my own journey into fixing my mindset.

The plan was simple and precise. I would wake up at 3 Am, (They say it is the best hour to change the scales of life, facts again) and say a positive prayer with lots of positive affirmations. The second step was get my phone and update two positive WhatsApp status quotes for the day. I am delighted to say that the plan worked. Three days into the challenge, I found myself starting to naturally fall into step with my affirmations. In the process, I lost track of the days and stopped updating my WhatsApp. When I logged in after a few days, I found three messages from friends asking me why I had stopped posting those positivity quotes. Turns out, I wasn’t in the journey alone!

That is what gave me this idea to start a 21 days of positivity post where I will be updating one positive post each day for 21 days. I am very confident that this is a journey that we will all benefit from in more ways than one. You are all free to comment and share your thoughts on the posts.

We all deserve a journey that we will walk hand in hand towards a beautiful sunset. We all deserve to begin from somewhere with someone. We all deserve a helping hand, a willing friend and a caring heart that can relate to our struggles.

Welcome to my blog… Let me walk this life with you.

Alone, we can only go so far.

Together, we can go very far.